Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Tele Rhythm, ZTR-1 Tele Neck-Sap Manyetik

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  • ModelZTR-1
    MarkaSeymour Duncan
    SeriZephyr Silver

    Seymour Duncan Zephyr
    The Next Great Sound of Guitar
    Reverence for the past is the prevailing theme of many popular and enduring products. It's no different at Seymour Duncan, where the JB Model is by far our most popular single pickup model, and our Custom Shop and Antiquity lines are living testaments to the appeal of what came before us.
    We love the best of the past, but looking forward is part of our legacy too.

    Introducing Seymour Duncan Zephyr—a continuing series of products focused on defining what's next for guitar, unbound from what was.

    Zephyr is 'the west wind.' For Americans, west represents what's next. The trends that will make life better, more enjoyable, more interesting, lie over the western horizon. It's also from where we expect innovations that give us what's new and best. The great Zephyr trains symbolized accessible luxury for traveling North America, opening a vast opportunity landscape to restless people no longer willing to be left behind. That's us—restless to create the next great sounds for guitar, relentlessly working to make expressive tone affordable, but willing to accept that sometimes what's next costs more.

    Zephyr products make new sounds we like. They're different. They represent our view of what's next for guitar. They are premium offerings made only for people who want them, whether that's five or five thousand. If you like what we like, we believe you will absolutely love our first Zephyr products: Zephyr Silver Pickups.

    Zephyr Silver Coils

    Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Pickups give you everything you love about electric guitar, but more. Richer tone, more explosive dynamics, more responsive touch, a deliciously dense but wide-open sound.

    Zephyr Silver pickups combine four distinct innovations unbound from pickup tradition:

      • Silver Wire Coils — Known as 'The Great Conductor' among metals, silver and silver-plated wire's sonic excellence is well established in high fidelity audio applications, including moving coil phono cartridges, vacuum tube amplifier output transformers and cabling. Just as silver in audio makes music reproduction more convincing and alive, in pickup coils it gives your guitar punchier, jumpier, burstier feel with harmonically dense, dripping tone.
      • Nickel and Stainless Steel Bi-Metallic Pole Pieces — Combining these two premier transformer metals to shape and focus the magnetic field disturbed by your guitar's vibrating strings further contributes to the vivid, energetic sound of Zephyr Silver.
      • Glass Fiberfill Nylon Bobbin — Every dialectric material imparts its own sonic properties. In listening tests of new, more stable bobbin materials, we chose glass-filled nylon for slight advantages in definition and detail, as well as excellent material stability and consistent finish.
      • Cryogenic Treatment — Supercooling materials renders permanent improvement to their grain structure. Also an established enhancement in high-end audio, where cable, vacuum tubes and even entire electronic components are cryogenically treated for improvements in clarity and realism, we achieved similar results for guitar tone by cryogenically treating completed pickups, copper and silver alike. Cryo treatment enhances string definition and boosts the 'way huge' potential of your guitar.

    Each of these options is now available with any Custom Shop order, but in combination they lend our new premium Zephyr Silver pickups uniquely fast transients, wider but smooth frequency response, deeply rich harmonics, and unprecedented midrange tone density, with audible gains in string detail, articulation and overall definition. Slighter touch produces expressive sound, yet peak dynamics are more explosive, making your guitar feel more energetic and alive. We consider Zephyr Silver the most expressive pickups so far. They are not inexpensive, but from squeaky clean to buzzsaw grind, you'll hear and feel more power, projection and expression from any electric guitar.


    Zephyr Silver Technical Summary

    Pure Silver Magnet Wire

    Lowest resistance of any metal known, 5.36% lower than copper
    • Lower losses throughout the frequency spectrum, especially in the higher ranges
    Softer and more supple than copper wire
    • Allows more controlled and repeatable winding
    The layers of the coil stack up more neatly and evenly
    • Less prone to breakage, more reliable
    Lower temperature coefficient than copper by 2.56%
    More compatible with lead-free, high silver content solders
    • Lower losses at metal transition points

    Composite, Bi-Metallic Pole Pieces

    Combines a 440C Stainless steel with pure nickel core
    • High chromium content stainless
    • Superior magnetic properties, higher saturation level. Extends dynamic range on the large signal end
    • Attractive and corrosion resistant without requiring plating
    • Pure nickel core
    • Flat hysteresis loop of nickel gives high sensitivity to small signals with the ability to subtle changes.
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