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5.816,59 TL
1.031,00 USD
Havale ve Kredi Kartı Peşin : TL   5.525,76

Camps NAC2-C Sedir İnce Kasa Elektro Klasik Gitar

Stok Durumu : Stokta var



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  • Camps NAC2-C Sedir Cutway Elektro Klasik Gitar

    This guitar is addressed to restless players. It is designed to provide a wonderful playability. It is achieved because the action of the strings is adjusted in order to facilitate the action, the neck is made in such a way that the left hand slides softly and the narrow case. Moreover, it contains an adjustable truss rod inside the neck, which has a double effect. On one hand bending problems are avoided, and on the other hand it is possible to build narrower necks, getting thus the desirable ergonomics - so that the left hand plays effortlessly. An ease playability at treble fret, thanks to cut-away aesthetics.
    The tone is silky, smooth, very even and clean with deep powerful basses and thick, weighty trebles.
    With cut-away aesthetics, it gets an wonderful playability at treble frets.
    Amplified using an exclusive amplification system with six independent saddle which ensures a perfect balance of every strin.

    Kapak: Kanada Sediri

    Arka ve Yanlar: Hindistan Gül Ağacı

    Klavye: Abanoz

    Sap: Royal Sedir, çift yönlü rod

    Köprü: Gül Ağacı

    Elektronikler: Fishman Classic III 

    Truss Rod: Var

    Garanti Bilgisi
    Ürün Özellikleri
    Klasik Gitar
    Cutaway, Elektro Klasik Gitar
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