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5.647,41 TL
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Havale ve Kredi Kartı Peşin : TL   5.043,13

Alhambra 5P - Klasik Gitar

Stok Durumu : Stokta var
Planlanan Teslimat



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  • Ön Kapak : Masif Alman Ladin Ağacı

    Yan ve arka Kapak : Maun Kaplama

    Köprü : Gül Ağacı (RoseWood)

    Sap Tuşe Ağacı: Abanoz

    Sap Arka Ağaç: Maun

    Burgular : Altın Kaplama

    Perde Sayısı : 19

    Tel Uzunluğu: 650mm

    Üst Eşik Ölçüsü: 52mm

    Gövde Derinlik: 106mm-100mm

    A proper guitar to play many musical styles, comfortable with good sound and responsive.

    The 5 P model of Alhambra guitars is a step closer to the model 4 P. The construction of the body is modified to give greater robustness and maintains characteristics details such as: the four layers of varnish, the fingerboard with ebony wood, better quality machine heads and the use of a beautiful Indian Rosewood for sides and back.
    A set of features that make the 5P model a suitable guitar to interpret a multitude of musical styles, comfortable, with good sound and responsive.


    For the elaboration of the body of the 5 P model together with the top which  is the most influential element in the guitar sound, a design has been used which consists of seven bars, two of them in the lower part.
    This detail elaboration helps to get a more resistant and lighter instrument as well as improving the sound, giving it more shape, warmth and richness.
    For the saddle and nut, melamine has been used, a material which highly transmitting sound.
    A sound which could be described as more defined, melodious and with a constant tone throughout the fingerboard. An example of this is the sound quality of the first three strings on the 12th fret.

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